Now Hiring!

Hi! I’m looking for some people to work at the shop for a minimum of a full 8+ hour shift, one day a week from 9:55am-6:05pm. I‘m also looking for people willing to work 8+ hours a day up to 4 days a week.

Split shifts of 4 hours may become available if we get enough people to work.


The ideal candidate is:

  • Energetic, positive, kind, intelligent and confident 
  • Enjoys helping families and friends find outfits and gifts
  • Self-starter that sees what needs to be done in the shop and does it instead of waiting to be asked.
  • Understands the dynamic of working in a small business is different than working for a large corporation
  • Strong sense of identity and is not afraid to share their opinion on fashion, decor, toys, gifts, displays and business practices
  • Is okay wearing conservative clothing in neutral colors
  • Treats the shop as if it’s their own  
  • creative in coming up with ideas to help make the shop better and willing to find a way to implement those ideas
  • Is okay working at a place that is very busy some days, and some days hardly anyone comes in. 
  • comfortable working the whole day by themself
  • Is okay with using their phone and having friends visit only during breaks

Daily duties include, but not limited to:

  • help customers put together outfits and find gifts
  • wrap gifts
  • use iPad register / cashier
  • have a general knowledge / willing to learn about children’s brands
  • refresh stagnant displays and windows
  • straighten and re-straighten products throughout the day
  • sweep floors, dust flat surfaces
  • receive & prep incoming inventory ( open boxes, steam, put on hangers, creatively display, when needed )
  • help with ordering of new inventory by giving your honest opinion
  • notify owner of low inventory and requests from customers 
  • willingness to give opinion on what the shop needs
  • take photos & video of outfits and displays for social media 
  • packing and shipping online orders
  • replying to customers on email and social media, when needed

Please apply if you’re:

  • intelligent
  • hard-working
  • clean
  • like to dress nice 
  • have an attention to detail
  • confident
  • kind
  • are okay with wearing a mask when needed

Retail experience is recommended, but not necessary.

4-part Interview process consists of:

  • Introduction: reaching out to let me know you’re interested.
  • Resume: submit your resume / experience for review
  • Meet & Greet: meet owner and to introduce yourself
  • Typical Day: overview of what it’s like to work here and to see if this is a place you would like to work. The day consists of: helping a customer, ringing up sale at register, wrapping a gift, processing an online order, doing a display and some type of task such as receiving inventory. The process usually takes between 2-4 hours. At the end of this interview, you’re welcome to stay at the shop to look around for as long as you like. I do, however request that when you go home that you think about if this place is a good fit for you. If it is, it becomes your decision to come back into the shop the next day to fill out payroll information and start working. If you don’t come back the next day, it is understood that you don’t think the shop is a good fit for you, and that’s okay.


Please note: The interview process is not compensated 

 Hourly wage: $15 / hour ( $120 a day minus taxes )