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APPLE CAKE | A GRATITUDE hardback book

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With captivating illustrations that brim with emotion, APPLE CAKE | A GRATITUDE is a sweet picture book that encourages your little to be grateful for the world around them. 

Author: Dawn Casey

Illustrated by: Genevieve Godbout

In this simple rhyming story, a child says thank you for the gifts nature provides, from hazelnuts in the hedge to apples from the tree, eggs from the hens to milk from the cow. Eventually, the family has enough ingredients to make something special…a delicious apple cake! 

Thank you, hedge, Thank you, tree. Thank you, flower, Thank you, bee. Thank you, rain, Thank you, sun. Thank you, farmers, every one. 

A recipe for apple cake at the end allows you and your little to share in the joyful gratitude. 

Format: Hardback 

Size: 8.5 inches x 10.5 inches

Pages: 32 

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