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LET ME SLEEP, SHEEP hardcover book

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In Let Me Sleep, Sheep, Amos is counting himself to sleep. It’s a good plan, until the cranky sheep land in his bedroom — and start in with their many demands.

Written by: Meg McKinlay

Illustrated by: Leila Rudge 

It’s bedtime for Amos, who smiles as he closes his eyes and counts some fluffy sheep trotting away in the grass. Until suddenly . . . THUD. And then another. “Not again!” says the first sheep, now on Amos’s floor. “I was having my wool clipped,” grumbles the second. None too happy at being interrupted, the woolly pair fire a battery of questions at Amos, most importantly: "Where’s the fence?" So Amos sets out to build one to their specifications, then is asked to test it out, of course. . . . In this laugh-out-loud read-aloud, a couple of crafty sheep put a child through his paces — and show that a tuckered-out kid at bedtime is a win-win all around

Format: Hardcover with paper jacket

Size: 9.87” W x 10.94” H x .38” D

Pages: 32 

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